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    A project with poor control is a project that is out of control. Applied Project Controls training is a comprehensive online training that provides you with the fundamental and practical applications of effective project controls. Whether you are a Project Manager, a Project Controller, or a Lead, this course packages the things you need to know about Project Controls in a simple and structured way. It will provide you with a deeper level of understanding and practical tools to enhance your competency in controlling your projects. This course illustrates how to effectively plan, control, monitor, and forecast a project’s schedule…

  • Essentials of Earned Value Management Training
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    Improve your projects performance by unlocking the power of Earned Value Management. The Essentials of Earned Value Management training program equips you with the knowledge and skills required to assess the status of your projects in terms of cost, schedule and scope. It helps you forecast your project’s ultimate cost & schedule outcomes, and more objectively measure your project performance. Closely aligned with Earned Value Management industry practice standards, this course promotes a common language in communicating your project status and help you improve your projects’ productivity and performance by uncovering performance issues at an early and correctible stage in…

  • Project Control Forensic Delay Analysis Course
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    Believe it or not, most of us like talking more than listening because we find it easier. We have been schooled in speaking, reading, and writing but not much in listening. But remember that we have been given two ears and one tongue, so we should listen twice as much as we talk! Listening is one of the most important skills you can have especially at the workplace. Effective listening is an art. It will help you understand another person’s thoughts, feelings and actions. When you listen to another person attentively and intentionally, you will create a bond between the…

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  • Job Hunting Success ebook
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