Question: Where should I start from?

We highly recommend that you first complete your profile and upload your picture. Then you can Start Your Course. Please follow the instructions here on how to complete your profile and finish the course.

Question: When I logged in, I noticed that my course is EXPIRED. Why?

If you do not start the course for a while, the course might be expired and you may not be able to access the content. We highly recommend that you start the course as soon as you receive your username and password. If your course has already expired, please send us an email so we can reset the course for you.

Question: When I want to start the course, I see a blank page. Why?

This is more related to IT security/firewall settings at your workplace, outdated Internet Explorer, or Java Script. In such case, please contact your IT department for help if you try to watch the videos at your workplace. Otherwise, please use Google Chrome as your browser for completing the course instead of Internet Explorer.

Question: Some of the buttons are inactive. For instance Start Quiz button does not work. Why?

Please refer to the answer above. We suggest using Google Chrome as your browser for completing the course instead of Internet Explorer.

Question: What is the pass mark for the courses?

The pass mark is 80% and above.

Question: How many times can I retake a quiz? What if my score is still low? Is it possible to reset the quiz?

You may retake a quiz 10 times. We suggest that you study the course material and carefully watch the videos before taking the quiz. We do not reset a quiz unless some technical issues are faced while taking a quiz.

Question: I took a quiz and completed that successfully with a high mark but the system does not show my mark and does not allow me to proceed with the next module. What should I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] to fix the issue. We might need your password to fix this issue.

Question: How can I print my certificate of completion?

Please go to your profile and click on the Certificate icon related to the course you have graduated from. Once clicked, a pop up window will open showing your Certificate of Completion. In order to print the Certificate, click on the print icon at the top right corner.

Question: How can I claim my PDUs on PMI website?

Please click here for instructions.