Project Control Training



Step 1: Complete your profile

Place the curser on Your Name at the Top Right –> Select View Profile –> Edit Profile –> Enter Info –> Change Avatar –> Upload Your Photo


Step 2: Change your password

Left menu under your profile picture –> Settings –> General –> Change Password


Step 3: Starting a course

My Courses –> Select the Course (e.g. Applied Project Conrols) –> Select ‘Start Course’ from right menu  –> Click on Start Course


Step 4: Completing course modules

4.1. Once the course is started  –> Modules/Units on the right side menu –> Watch video for module 1 –> Download manual for module 1 –> Mark the module/unit complete once you watched the whole video

 Taking quiz

4.2 Once you go through all the training modules –> Take Quiz after last module –> Start Quiz –> Select your answers –> Submit Quiz

4.3 Check Quiz Results –> You can see your score –> Not happy with your score? –> You can retake the quiz for 3 times

4.4 Move to the next module

If you have technical issues with Quiz, please check FAQs.


Step 5: Finishing the course (results, stats, etc)

Complete all modules and the quiz –> Once completed click on Finish Course –> If your score is above 80%, you have passed the course –> Please review/rate the course (Your feedback and comment is important to us)


Check your results and stats

Your Name on the Top Right Side –> Click –> Stats –> Results (Quiz results) –> Answers to quiz questions will be available upon request after successfully taking the quiz


Certificate of Completion

If passed (score >=80%), you will receive a badge and a certificate of completion –> Check your profile for the badge and certificate. You may print the certificate.


Scheduled events

Top menu –> Scheduled Events –> Details –> Accept Invite or Reject Invite


Online forum (coming soon)

Top menu –> Online Forum or Using the link under each video or Forum from left menu under user picture –> Go to Start Here sub-forum –> Read forum guidelines and forum rules –> Participate


Notifications (messages, notifications)

Left menu under your profile picture –> Setting –> Email –> Email Notification Setting

Your Name on the Top Right Side –> Click –> Inbox –> Notifications


Contacting us

Before contacting us for any issue with the LMS, please check FAQ section ( If you cannot find the answer, send us an email to [email protected]